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A robust support team is the backbone of any system. With our extensive experience as retailers, we understand the frustrations of inadequate support and unreliable backup. Merely providing training is not sufficient.

Thus, we’ve structured our support system with the retailer in mind. A nominal fee, payable annually or monthly, covers comprehensive hardware and/or software support, including the license to use the system. Hardware maintenance encompasses all equipment supplied by us, with faulty items repaired or replaced promptly.

Our software maintenance package includes access to a dedicated help desk, with a special touch that sets us apart. In addition to typical support services, we offer regular updates, improvements, and enhancements at no extra cost. Operating on a “one version” policy ensures all clients benefit from program updates without additional charges.

Moreover, software maintenance incorporates promotion management for participating in supplier promotions. We simplify the implementation process, allowing retailers to choose promotions effortlessly. Promotions are downloaded directly to the system, where retailers can select their preferred options or accept the entire download with a single click. Automated label generation further streamlines the process.

Our support desk is available 365 days a year.

This ensures assistance whenever you need it. During the post-installation TLC period, retailers benefit from personalised support, easing their transition into the MSP ecosystem. After this period, first-line UK support is accessible via Skype, facilitating face-to-face communication with a Support team member. Local landline calling is also an option.

With your permission, our Support team can remotely access your computer, offering real-time assistance akin to having an expert beside you. There’s no waiting in line or ticketing system; our service level agreement guarantees immediate or within 5-minute responses.

For complex issues, calls are escalated to second-line support, staffed by senior support personnel in the UK or India. Third-line support involves developers or programmers, addressing rare instances where initial resolutions are not feasible.

Store Management

Retailers subscribing to our services gain access to added-value store management features. MSP remotely manages stock, orders, and deliveries, providing insightful trend reports to optimise sales and stock holding continuously. Our combined retail experience and software expertise ensure efficient store operations, leaving retailers fully satisfied.

Accounting and Data Input

In addition to support and store management, we offer comprehensive accounting services. By controlling sales and purchases through our system, we streamline accounting processes, saving money and increasing profitability for retailers. Whether you’re a sole trader or a limited company, MSP provides all necessary accounting services, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.