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Our Happy Clients & Partners

Majid Nazir

Head of IT - Poundstretcher

After 3 years of investigating, discussing and negotiating, we handed over the full project management of changing the EPOS of 400 stores to MSP. Previously we had a large corporate software system which was old and cumbersome. Every time we challenged MSP with a particular function of the old software; they always had an answer. It gave us the much needed confidence to move all our stores to MSP knowing that they had vast retail experience. We were confident that even if functionality was required to be developed, they would do this without taking too much time. The best is their understanding of retail where we did not have to explain the function too much as they understood exactly what we wanted. The changeover took 3 months and the project was fully managed by MSP. An EPOS replacement of such magnitude just doesn’t happen. It takes careful planning and expertise to execute and that is exactly what MSP does.

Scott Sandford

Head of Operations - Amacor

Having worked for many years in the industry and operating multiple stores through HO, I had a clear idea of what functionality we required to operate multiple stores through Head office software. Talking to MSP was as if we were talking to a retailer; clearly their past reflected this as the functionality designed has answers to the most challenging hurdles a HO application can face. The most valuable asset that MSP has is the ability to change and adapt to the needs of different operators. Their know how in retail is certainly reflected in the functionality available in the software. I see MSP as a true partner and any requests made are dealt with promptly which is critical as our business continues to expand.

Harry Goraya

Morrisons Daily - Gravesend

We have been customers of MSP for many years and always found their service to be of a high standard.

Steve and Dave

Morrisons Daily - Southampton

We were signing up with Morrisons and at the same time we wanted to change our EPOS software. We heard so many good things about MSP from various retailers and upon looking at the software several times we were convinced that the solution would work for us. Moving to Morrisons with all the requirements and changes had its own challenges, but from Day One MSP was onsite ensuring the system was set up and in such good operation that we barely noticed the change in software. The approach they take regarding new store setup is fantastic. Their reporting functionality is one of a kind where information to make the store profitable is what they excel in.

Jayesh Patel

Nisa - Steyning

We have been customers of MSP for over many years and always found their service to be of the best quality, not only from the Support team but also with the training we have received.

Vijay Patel

Nisa - Euston

The first client of MSP and still a client of MSP. That itself speaks volumes. Over the years they have evolved and changed for the better. It is always satisfying to see MSP grow to a company that values and holds to its original vision. “To service retailers more than any other EPOS could.”

Alex Kapadia

Morrisons and Bargain Booze

I have been with MSP since I joined Morrisons Daily in 2022. The customer service that we have experienced has been incredible and the MSP team are always there to help. We have found many ways that the system has helped us save on manual task like ordering and now we use the automatic ordering function for almost everything in the store. This saves many hours a week and the algorithm has proven to be even better than a human order at reducing our wastage.

Integrations with third parties like Gander and Snappy Shopper are also incredibly useful.

I have now decided to move my Bargain Booze and Wine Rack stores over to MSP too and the first store has already moved across.

Vipul Sedani

Quality Foods

Being the largest Asian supermarket with multiple stores, we persisted over so many years using a system provided by a large organisation. When we met MSP we had full trust in what they offered as they came across as very genuine and concerned with the change. The migration was planned well and the first store trial was very successful. Our staff was delighted to have the new system and never thought that there could be functionality that made life so easy for them. Within 3 months, all our stores moved to MSP and we only have praise for what they have achieved and what they can do.


Changing EPOS has a considerable impact on any retail environment and in particular when you have multiple stores. It takes multiple reasons to establish that there is a requirement to replace EPOS. Consequences of getting the wrong EPOS can cripple a business. Our decision to do so and to choose MSP was after much investigations into their Nebula software. We clearly defined functionality requirements and whilst the risk was evaluated, the decision to move to MSP is not regretted.