MSP Systems Ltd

EPOS Solution

The Tills: Effortless efficiency using revolutionary retail technology

Our system blends cutting-edge technology with intuitive simplicity, ensuring even novices can swiftly serve customers, reducing wait times and boosting throughput. With a user-friendly touch-screen interface, all functions are easily accessible, putting control at your fingertips.

Back-office customisation allows for easy till layout design using a grid system, with drag-and-drop functionality. Retailers can tailor colours and fonts per till, creating a seamless and branded experience. Explore standard functions alongside numerous enhancements, all aimed at optimising your retail operations.

All the usual functions are included together with many enhancements.

  • All features and PLUs are picture-based; ease of identification of a product and allows personalisation and branding.
  • PLUs can be in a folder or on the front screen. Folders can have other folders within, making it easy to locate a PLU item grouped the way the retailer requires them.
  • Full cash reconciliation ability – either at the till or in the back office
  • Supervisory log on levels with access control throughout all functions
  • World-wide access to tills by connectivity tool
  • Integrated CCTV system capable of close monitoring. Able to scrutinise individual items being scanned linked to till transaction in real – time
  • Age and quantity restriction refusal facility
  • Trading hours restrictions
  • Integrated chip and pin with 4 merchant services
  • Approved integrated weigh scales
  • Media advertising screens attached to tills and around the shop
  • Price enquiry units for customers
  • Integrated Paypoint
  • MSP own news round management system (NRM) or third-party new rounds
  • Credit customers
  • Item creation
  • Tobacco dispensing integrated solution
  • Online delivery
  • Self-checkouts and controls from normal tills

Unwavering Reliability: Elevating Your Business

When it comes to entrusting your business to a system, reliability is paramount. That’s why we steadfastly adhere to using high-quality products, refusing to compromise on quality under any circumstance.

From the outset, we’ve prioritized fostering strong relationships with our suppliers of EPOS hardware. Their commitment to reliability ensures we can meet tight installation schedules with ease, while their competitive pricing structure allows us to thrive in a fiercely competitive market. Crucially, all parts come with a manufacturer warranty, providing added peace of mind.

For hardware configuration and the latest specifications, our dedicated Sales team is ready to assist. Reach out to us for expert guidance tailored to your business needs.