MSP Systems Ltd

Majid Nazir

After 3 years of investigating, discussing and negotiating, we handed over the full project management of changing the EPOS of 400 stores to MSP. Previously we had a large corporate software system which was old and cumbersome. Every time we challenged MSP with a particular function of the old software; they always had an answer. It gave us the much needed confidence to move all our stores to MSP knowing that they had vast retail experience. We were confident that even if functionality was required to be developed, they would do this without taking too much time. The best is their understanding of retail where we did not have to explain the function too much as they understood exactly what we wanted. The changeover took 3 months and the project was fully managed by MSP. An EPOS replacement of such magnitude just doesn’t happen. It takes careful planning and expertise to execute and that is exactly what MSP does.