MSP Systems Ltd

Our greatest asset is our employees. Each employee contributes to the company’s progress with pride and dedication. The company with humble beginnings owes to its employees for they in turn value services hired by its clients. Our objective remains to serve clients with exceptional service.

MSP Systems Ltd kicked off its journey in 2005 as part of the MSP Group, spearheaded by retail pioneer Romesh Perera. The MSP Group, a heavyweight in the UK retail scene since 1997, has clinched numerous prestigious awards over the years.

Romesh, a seasoned retailer with a string of successful outlets under his belt, sensed a gap in the market for a retail system that prioritised the needs of the retailer. Existing systems felt clunky, as if they were designed by programmers rather than retailers themselves, forcing users to contort their operations to fit the software.

Recognising this flaw, Romesh set out to craft a solution tailored by retailers, for retailers. It had to be intuitive, time-saving, information-rich, and seamlessly facilitate tasks like order placement and price adjustments. In essence, it needed to empower retailers to run their businesses with maximum efficiency.

Leveraging his deep understanding of both retail operations and technology, Romesh led the charge in designing an EPOS and stock control system that put retailers front and centre.

Drawing on his resources, Romesh laid the groundwork for the system, understanding that a sturdy foundation was paramount for stability. After conducting thorough feasibility studies, the decision was made to establish a development branch in India, capitalising on the talent pool and cost-effectiveness. Thus, on February 1, 2004, operations commenced in India with a team of four programmers.

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After one year of relentless effort culminated in the birth of the “system,” which underwent rigorous testing in Romesh’s own MSP stores.

In July 2005, MSP Systems Ltd was officially founded, and by August 1st of the same year, a three-lane system was installed at an independent store in Euston, London, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Vijay Patel, the inaugural client, remains a loyal user of MSP Systems, witnessing its remarkable evolution over time.

Despite unwavering confidence in the product, MSP Systems opted for a measured approach to growth, steering clear of the pitfalls encountered by others. With a mantra of being “designed by retailers for retailers,” they prioritised listening to their clients, constantly refining the system based on feedback. This commitment to continuous improvement was reflected in their policy of providing updates to all clients promptly.

Word of MSP Systems’ excellence spread like wildfire, with new business flowing in through recommendations. A pivotal moment came with a presentation to Senior Management at Nisa Today, culminating in a successful collaboration that yielded the second-generation version. This innovative spirit propelled them forward, with steady growth in both clientele and reputation.

The company’s stellar trajectory attracted top talent. In July 2007, Amit Dhami joined the company as a junior developer and his exceptional skills and engineering background propelled him to the role of Director in 2010. Today. Amit plays a key role in all development in India.

In October 2009, Sydney Pietersz joined MSP as a junior engineer. His experience in computer assembly and hardware knowledge, combined with his work ethics, contributed to his progress. He is now a Director on the board and leads all installations in the UK.

Greg Dockery joined MSP in 2016. With a vast amount of experience in retail, he has worked for names like Martin McColl’s, Select and Save and United Cash & Carry where he dealt with retailers on a daily basis. EPOS was not new for him and he joined MSP to further the vision of the company.

As of 2023, MSP Systems boasts installations in 800 independent stores and 400 corporate stores, a testament to their rapid expansion. Yet, amidst this growth, their commitment to customer service and retailer-centric solutions remains unwavering.