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Environmental Policy 2303

Environmental policy

MSP is committed to placing environmental consciousness at the core of all its business decisions. We are focused on recognising and mitigating our environmental impact through regularly implementing and developing environmental policies. We believe that “every little helps” and every person and organisation, no matter how big or small, can contribute towards a better environment. MSP holds future generations at the heart of their work, ensuring that environmental consciousness is present in all decisions. Our board of directors and employees engage in “every little helps” to help play a part in protecting the environment.
Our policy focuses on following areas and has implemented procedures to implement “every little helps”:

Our Low emission strategy:

  • We are focused on reducing carbon emissions particularly in transportation. As a result, we support and encourage our employees to work remotely.
  • We aim to electrify our entire vehicle fleet by 2026, rolling out our use of fuel-based vehicles in 3 stages.
  • To minimise our carbon emissions, we carefully plan our installations in accordance with one another to avoid extra journeys for the engineers.
  • We are conscious about choosing our energy supplies; prioritising partnering with suppliers who have a renewable focus.
  • Our choice of hosting and cloud storage partners is carefully done as we select those that are environmentally friendly and offset carbon emissions.

Waste Reduction policies:

  • We aim to reduce our waste in areas we can to contribute to building a circular economy.
  • We provide the infrastructure for all MSP hardware products to be collected and disposed to a recycling plant or a recycling agent.
  • Easily accessible recycling points are across all MSP buildings.
  • The provision of single-use plastic cups are banned in MSP UK office, with reusable cups and utensils provided on-site.

Sustainability in our supply chain:

  • All our suppliers must have environmental policies and actively seek for solutions to mitigate aspects of their environmental footprint.
  • We seek supply products that are environmentally friendly.
  • Focusing on reducing carbon emission for ‘last mile’ deliveries through our transportation strategy and reforms.

We support one another in being sustainable:

  • The board of governors are encouraged to embrace and implement procedures to help protect the environment.
  • To be informed of the company policy and promote at any given opportunity about “every little helps”.
MSP’s branches in the UK and overseas has a strong commitment to environmental development. We are regularly adapting and implementing policies to help build a sustainable industry.