MSP Systems Ltd

ED&I 2303

1. Policy statement

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plays a central role in supporting the delivery of our services and sits at the heart of everything we do. We want to be a diverse and inclusive organisation where our people thrive and respond to the needs of our customers with fairness and empathy. We want all our colleagues to feel a sense of belonging to MSP, and to know that they are valued and respected for who they are. We celebrate the diversity of our people because our differences make us stronger.
We want to support the independent retail sector to be equal and diverse at all levels and create a culture change. We will ensure every colleague and customer is provided with respect and listened to; shaping our service and future plans. It’s important to us that colleagues see retailers and their employees as a person with individual needs when we interact with them and that our services in the community are based on these needs. We will encourage our customers and colleagues to reach out for help and support when they need us most, so we can help them to feel safe at work and in their environment.

2. Key principles

  • Promote equality through all of our activities as an employer and a software solution provider to customers, their employees that interacts with us, suppliers and Symbol groups we work with.
  • Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements which apply to the protected characteristics of race, religion or belief, sex, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, disability and age.
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure our partners, Symbol groups, suppliers, service providers and Customers are actively committed to ED&I principles.
  • Consider people as individuals recognising that every person may experience out practices and processes differently.
  • Take an intersectional approach and recognise that different characteristics characterised under social diversity are overlapping and affect each other.
  • Actively encourage customers and staff to engage with us in shaping the organisation and our services.
  • Ensure that colleagues comply with our policies, and that all policies and procedures conform with the ED&I policy.
  • Be honest and curious about ED&I, approaching this agenda with an open mind, checking our assumptions, as individuals and as an organisation.

3. Objectives

  • For the board of governors to lead by example in creating within themselves to adapt to ED&I principles.
  • To understand board ambition for ED&I and ensure this is aligned to our strategic ambition.
  • To ensure representation at all levels in the organisation, across all backgrounds, which reflect the communities we work with.
  • To create an inclusive culture for which everyone can have a voice and bring their true selves to work.
  • Increase organisational knowledge and awareness to embed a culture where all our people are confident in demonstrating inclusive behaviours to each other, to our customers and their employees.
  • Engage and build trust with our customers and their employees and to highlight at any given time that MSP fully supports ED&I principles.
  • Enable the opportunity to shape our services based on individual needs.

4. Policy actions

  • Collate and complete data analysis on colleague backgrounds and understand how this compares with our overseas colleagues.
  • Identify areas to increase representation and ensure our succession plans and recruitment activities consider and address ED&I.
  • Review board participation every year at the AGM.
  • Create alliances with Symbol groups that engages in ED&I and actively promote within customers the ED&I program.
  • Ensure our colleagues have a voice on ED&I through the ‘value everyone’ group through anonymous communications to HR or admin.
  • Ensure the culture aligns to our collaborative, trust and proud behaviours in relation to equality and inclusion.
  • Promote and outlay ED&I policy in all communications within the Company.
  • Support customers who have individual needs.
  • Ensure inclusive language and communication through all communications to customers and suppliers.

5. Desired outcomes

  • Build and maintain a diverse workplace that is representative of the customers and suppliers we serve.
  • Hold services that support all of our customers and considers individual needs.
  • Establish and maintain a culture of belonging and inclusivity where all colleagues feel they can be their true selves.
  • Maintain an active focus on ED&I in everything we do.

6. Performance indicators

  • Include ED&I questionnaire in every employee review.
  • Feedback to HR and Board any concerns for ED&I at reviews.
  • Review engineers and support employees’ complaints and grievances raised to HR or Admin about unacceptable behaviour from Customers or Suppliers.

7. Key legislation

We will abide by the relevant provisions of the Equality Act 2010 and particularly the General and Specific Equality Duties established by the Act. The Act protects people on the grounds of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

8. Review

The policy will be reviewed annually.