MSP Systems Ltd

Greg Dockery

Greg Dockery brings extensive expertise in working with retailers to his recent roles. Before joining MSP, he served as the Sales Manager for United Wholesale Cash & Carry (Scotland), where he introduced organisational structure while ensuring business objectives were met, always prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Prior to this role, Greg held the position of Sales Director at Select & Save, where he significantly boosted sales and membership, leveraging his skills to enhance the brand’s reputation.

Greg’s tenure at McColl’s as Acquisition Manager saw him successfully procure 48 stores over three years, leading to their conversion to McColl’s outlets and subsequent success within the company’s portfolio.

With a career spanning 36 years in retail, Greg has held positions at Tesco, Gateways, Asda, Co-Op, Alldays, and Balfour Convenience Stores, ranging from Department Manager to Regional Manager. He has also owned and developed two stores, which were later sold to Alldays.

Greg’s journey in retail began at the age of 14, working on a fruit barrel for his uncle at Baldwin’s of Covent Garden. This early experience of waking up at 2 am every single day of the week (regardless of the weather!) instilled in him a deep passion for retail. His relentless work ethic and hands-on approach is evident in his success today.

Joining MSP as a Sales Manager aligned perfectly with Greg’s values, as he admired MSP’s commitment to understanding retailer requirements and fostering mutual growth. His invaluable experience revitalised MSP’s approach, leading to his promotion to Sales Director and subsequent appointment to the Board of Directors in April 2018.