MSP Systems Ltd

Romesh Perera

Romesh embarked on his retail journey upon migrating to the UK in 1989 and honed his expertise from the ground up. Initially, he was employed as a part-time cashier at a Texaco Petrol Station while pursuing his studies. Demonstrating entrepreneurial acumen, Romesh achieved notable successes in various retail ventures. He transitioned to self-employment by engaging in a retail operator scheme with ESSO at a Petrol station in Wanstead, East London, concurrently establishing his own convenience store operating under the well-known “Costcutter” brand. Subsequently, he expanded his portfolio with a second store, pioneering the first “Budgens” independent outlet in London. Shortly thereafter, he seized the opportunity to acquire the inaugural independent franchise store for “Somerfield.”

Through his tireless dedication, keen enthusiasm, and unwavering determination, Romesh swiftly garnered a commendable reputation within the Convenience Retail sector.

Regularly acknowledged within the industry, Romesh boasts an impressive array of accolades in his portfolio, including:

Asian Trader of the Year 2004
Appointed as a member of judging panel for Retail Industry Awards, 2003
Asian Trader of the Year 2002
Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2002, Retail Industry Awards
Asian Trader Award for the Best Impulse Trader of the Year 2001
Best Shop of the Year 2001, awarded by Costcutter

Romesh has also attained a Master’s degree in IT, providing him with the foundational knowledge to establish MSP Systems Ltd.

“Since 1989, I’ve been immersed in the UK convenience sector, utilising a range of EPOS systems. Despite my extensive experience, I struggled to find a single system that met all my operational needs for running stores efficiently and effectively. Given my background in computer technology, I could recognise and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each system. This unique vantage point inspired me to develop a system that worked for the retailer, rather than the retailer working for it. My vision has come to fruition with  MSP Systems.”

As the original designer and instigator of MSP Systems, Romesh leverages his extensive experience and entrepreneurial talents. His unique background positions him as the ideal individual to identify and address the everyday challenges encountered by retailers. Romesh maintains a relentless pursuit of innovative ideas and remains dedicated to advancing technology and system enhancements. Renowned for his ability to empathise with the retail landscape and adapt accordingly, he garners admiration from clients. Romesh excels in motivating others and possesses natural proficiency in managing teams. He thrives on challenges, perpetually seeking new opportunities for growth and development.