Greg Dockery


Greg Dockery has extensive knowledge of working with retailers in recent roles, Before joining MSP he was the sales Manager for United Wholesale Cash & Carry (Scotland). He brought structure to this position whilst overseeing business deliverables keeping the customer as the most valuable person every step of the way. Previously Greg Dockery was the Sales Director at Select & Save increasing sales and members and using his skill set to develop the brand name..

Greg Dockery has also worked for McColl’s as Acquisition Manager and over three years purchased 48 stores which were converted to McColl’s and became successful stores in the McColl’s portfolio.During his 36 years in retail Greg Dockery has worked for Tesco, Gateways, Asda, Co-Op, Alldays, and Balfour Convenience Stores in various roles from Department Manager, Store Manager, Area Manager and Regional Manger. In this time he has also owned two stores which he developed and sold to Alldays.

Greg Dockery started life on a fruit barrel for his Uncle when he was 14 years old, (Baldwin’s of Covent Garden) this is where he fell in love with retail getting up at 2am, 7 days a week, whatever the weather was, the making of the person quite proven in today’s attitude he has. Hand on and whatever it takes is the back bone of his success. .

Sales Manager for MSP is a natural move as MSP has the same ethos and it’s about the detail understanding of the retailer requirements and growing together. Greg’s experience has energized the view of MSP and jointly makes an exceptional team in delivering service and care to retailers.