MSP Systems Ltd

Back Office Solution

Back Office Solution: Pioneering convenience for store owners

MSP Systems Ltd has designed the ultimate technological ally for convenience store owners, blending the reliability of traditional EPOS systems with enhancements that propel it to new heights.

Our web-based Back Office is crafted using state-of-the-art computer technology and languages, ensuring advanced functionality while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

What sets this system apart is its unwavering focus on the needs and requirements of retailers, rather than merely ticking off a programmer’s or accountant’s wish list. While accounting and statutory obligations are meticulously met, the system’s design remains intuitive, even for the most computer-averse individuals. Throughout development, prioritizing ease of use for both retailers and staff has been paramount.

The Back Office mirrors the qualities of the tills, boasting image-rich product catalogues sourced from the internet or your own digital camera. MSP fully supports automated sales-based ordering and electronic delivery notes, seamlessly integrating with major symbol groups. With live shop PLOF in the foreground and branded PLOF in the background, along with multi-supplier capabilities, managing orders and deliveries is streamlined within the system.

Operating on a web-based platform, our system offers flexibility, allowing access from anywhere in the world. Powered by cutting-edge software such as .Net, SQL servers, and crystal reports, MSP Systems ensures compatibility and seamless integration across various programs.

Promotions: Empowering promotions to drive retail success

In today’s market landscape, offering promotions is a necessity for retailers. With MSP Systems’ versatile promotion software, retailers have the flexibility to create a wide range of offers, from simple discounts to multi-buys and linked promotions.

Our software allows any item to participate in multiple promotions simultaneously, ensuring maximum flexibility for retailers. At the point of sale, the till seamlessly recognises each promotion, prompting cashiers to upsell and offer customers the best deals available. Voice prompts further enhance the customer experience, confirming the application of promotions.

For retailers subscribed to a Symbol Group partnered with MSP, we handle promotion files directly from our head office, alleviating the administrative burden. This automated process saves countless hours of work every three weeks, allowing retailers to focus on serving their customers and driving business growth.

Features of the MSP Systems BOS

  • Can be operated using any browser
  • Multi-tasking windows facility
  • On screen dashboard tiles with up-to-date information guiding the retailer with the workflow
  • All major supplier communications
  • PLOF management (front and back)
  • Multi supplier PLOF downloads
  • News PLOF
  • Auto ordering
  • Electronic ordering and deliveries
  • Electronic Delivery verification to physical delivery
  • Random, part or full departmental and categorise stock management
  • News round management
  • Multiple promotions on single item
  • All major supplier period promotion downloads
  • Report explorer – using crystal reports
  • Auto email of selected reports and export to .pdf or MS Excel
  • Till design
  • Import items from MS Excel
  • Items with images
  • 6 different Margin controlled item retail and reports
  • Age/Quantity restriction reports
  • Tobacco item assignment to tobacco dispenser
  • Day reconciliation and cash control
  • Online delivery and trading
  • MSP’s own loyalty program