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Head Office

Head Office: Providing upper level controls

The web-based head office (HO) facility is meticulously designed to grant retailers upper level control. However, managers are still empowered to operate within predefined parameters. Whether hosted locally or in a hosted facility, the HO can accommodate multiple users simultaneously to facilitate seamless collaboration and decision-making.

Through a robust supplier link, the HO receives accurate group price changes and product range updates. Leveraging this information, the HO can customise item preferences and construct tailored Planograms (PLOF) or opt for supplier defaults. Stores can be categorized and clustered based on various criteria, enabling precise control over pricing, assortment, and other parameters by store category.

Furthermore, the HO offers flexibility in adhering to different pricing tiers aligned with store location and demographics, enabling retailers to maximise margins effectively. HO PLOF can be filtered to align with each store’s unique range or category, ensuring consistency and coherence across the retail network.

Each store can set up its shop PLOF, with the HO range serving as the backdrop, receiving updates only pertinent to the effective shop PLOF range. With appropriate permissions, stores can swiftly create items, promotions, and price changes, which are then submitted for HO approval or rejection, ensuring centralised control and consistency across the entire retail ecosystem.

Head Office Features

  • Master HO PLOF separated from the supplier PLOF
  • Store grouping
  • Pricing tier based on individual store or by group of stores or store categories
  • Supplier RRP to be retail as a default or tier set to increase/decrease supplier RRP as store retail
  • Store retail/cost on tier basis or on HO retail or supplier RRP with price tier
  • Item range assignment by store or store category
  • Item assignment or item ranging
  • Store day reconciliation review
  • Internal stock transfer and confirmation
  • Promotion distribution to all stores or selected stores
  • Multiple supplier maintenance
  • Item creating by importing data from MS Excel